Ellis & Dewey

A collection of enduring pieces that will stand the test of time, Ellis & Dewey delivers effortless style that is both modern and classic. Not driven by latest trend, but instead offering everyday luxury to complement the optimistic and relaxed Australian lifestyle.

Black Label is a touch of elegance in everyday style. Clothing that you can rely upon to dress up for an occasion, use for corporate events or elevate your daily style expression.

White Label has a resort feel to it, relaxed yet classy with colourful and desirable fabrics. Each piece creates excitement with its prints, patterns and easy to wear silhouettes.

Laundry is effortless comfort. The type of clothing you want to relax in and be comfortable to be seen in. It’s uncomplicated leisure wear.

Essentials is what we call everyone’s fundamental basics. Each item is critical for the wardrobe and reliable everyday necessities.

This collection is empty.