Mack started as a dream of mine, and was a future career goal that I set many years ago. I initially knew that becoming a fashion designer would require hard work, perseverance and a whole lot of creativity, but I was determined to turn this dream and my goal into a reality. It all happened much quicker than I could have ever imagined.

After being picked to debut my first ever collection at NZFW 16, I knew this was the time to push Mack further; to go out of my comfort zone and make myself known to the world of fashion. Spending a week in Auckland, showcasing my collection made me want this dream more than ever and I realized that it was all beginning to blossom for me!

Mack clothing, is designed to focus on its form and function. Keeping the design to a minimum so the simple features are what are expressed and recognized. Clean, structured features are seen throughout all designs, to create sophisticated, professional pieces, that are of high quality.

I hope to inspire others with my designs and create pieces that they will love.

Nicola Mackintosh
Mack Designer


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