Unreal Fur

We dedicate Unreal Fur’s AW19/20 collection to all indigenous people and animals that are facing enormous challenges due to climate change in years to come.
Introducing The Northern Exposure Collection
The Inspiration - Influenced by the northernmost communities on earth and their harmonious relationship with nature. People who brave the cold; enjoy the natural beauty of the land and cherish their co-existence with animals.
The Colours – The natural colour palette of Alaska’s endless beauty; its vast wilderness, majestic Aroras with shades of blue and pink.

The Composition – The rich colour palette has been translated to rich textures, innovative furs with a touch of metallics, and contemporary cruelty-free puffer jackets.
True to the Unreal Fur ethos we have embraced size inclusive pieces, a Mini-Me range and accessories to the collection.

Unreal Fur will continue to lead the charge for cruelty-free fashion without compromising the look, quality or spirit.
Join the faux-volution – Go Faux!
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