Shoe Wipes
Shoe Wipes Shoe Wipes

Not recommended for use on suede and Nubuck

Please test on the inside of your shoes first on all coloured and delicate leathers (just to be safe) 

Each box has ten wipes in individual sachet's as photographed, dimpled side of cloth for soles and smooth side for leather.

Quick and easy to use, individual shoe wipes with dual - raised dots surface for effective, yet gentle cleaning of shoe surfaces (soles and uppers) - leather, smooth synthetic fibres and canvas - great for on-the-go and looking polished! 

Each Sachet contains a pre-moistened wipe.  Use the textured dot side for more stubborn stains/dirt and the soft side for general clean and shine! 

Also great for sneakers!




70% Natural Viscose / 30% Polyester