Somersault Romance Dress - Black
Somersault Romance Dress - Black Somersault Romance Dress - Black Somersault Romance Dress - Black
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Our somersault romance dress has to be voted the most versatile, most easy to wear and most useful dress on the planet surely! We love the elegance that this dress brings to you. You can wear this knowing that you will look effortlessly smart all day, knowing that you can move with ease, knowing that you feel and look like a million dollars. We have made it in our somersault fabric which we have specially milled in China to our specifications. It is made from linen, rayon and spandex so is super easy to look after, super easy to wear and feels structured and crisp. We love this cloth so much because we can use it all year round! We suggest you buy our romance dress because the cut is divine. It has a slight high waist so it suits all heights…It has a ¾ sleeve so covers your arms in an elegant way, has a full skirt that is brought in to a slight bell shape at the hem so it is good for large or small hips.  We often style this dress with jackets and coats and you can most certainly layer it with leggings if you want to take it into cooler weather. This dress is perfect for summer just as it is.

60% LINEN / 38% RAYON / 2% SPANDEX

 Measurements (cm)   8   10   12   14   16   18   20 
Bust 93 98  103 108 113 118 123
Waist 91 96 101  106 111 116  121
Length 114 115 116 116 117 117 118
Sleeve Length 41 42 43 43 44 44 45