Tora Pant - Dark Tobacco
Tora Pant - Dark Tobacco Tora Pant - Dark Tobacco Tora Pant - Dark Tobacco Tora Pant - Dark Tobacco Tora Pant - Dark Tobacco
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The Tora Pant is a classic, clever style which has a perennially delightful fit. Made from luxurious French linen, these pants feature a comfortable, rounded waist tab and a button detail at the side for added interest, with faux welt pockets at the back. Consider styling with a simple T-shirt or a printed shirt for an effortless, day-to-day outfit.


Classic, clever design

Made from luxurious French linen

Button detail at side for added interest made from SAB recycled plastic buttons

Rounded waist tab for comfort

Additional cuff detail


100% French Linen


This garment has been crafted from 100% French Linen, a natural fibre from flax grown in the northern regions of France. Linen is a light, breathable fabric that is durable and strong. It wrinkles easily which is part of its appeal, it is easy to care for and becomes softer with age and wear.


Flax is a highly productive crop requiring minimal water, herbicides or pesticides to grow, making it a better environmental choice than many other natural fibres, such as conventionally grown cotton.


These pants fit true to size, and will soften slightly with wear thanks to the natural linen. The key fit points to check are focused on the waist and hip, with the pant silhouette flaring out slightly for a more relaxed fit.


Approximate waist measurement (measured flat):

6: 32.5 cm

8: 35 cm

10: 37.5 cm

12: 40 cm

14: 42.5 cm

16: 45 cm

18: 47.5 cm


Approximate hip measurement:

6: 42.5 cm

8: 45 cm

10: 47.5 cm

12: 50 cm

14: 52.5 cm

16: 55 cm

18: 57.5 cm


Approximate length measurement:

6: 98 cm

8: 99 cm

10: 100 cm

12: 101 cm

14: 102 cm

16: 103 cm

18: 104 cm