A selection of jewellery available at Mirror Mirror Boutique. 


CLEARANCE Velvet Mix Long Pendant Necklace - Clay On sale
Malou Earrings - Grey Multi
CLEARANCE Ipanema Necklace - Charcoal On sale
CLEARANCE - San Marco Necklace Sold out
Kolmio Drop Earrings - Pink / Taupe
Kolmio Drop Earrings - Iris Blue / Red Clay
Kolmio Drop Earrings - Green / Light Blue
La Luna Drop Earrings - Rose Quartz
La Luna Drop Earrings - Peridot
La Luna Drop Earrings - Amethyst
Instinctive Earrings
Garnet In stock
Amethyst In stock
Aquamarine In stock
Diamante In stock
Emerald In stock
Pearl In stock
Ruby In stock
Peridot In stock
Sapphire In stock
Opal In stock
Citrine In stock
Turquoise In stock
Mystic Bracelet - Fire
Mystic Bracelet - Water
Mystic Bracelet - Earth
Mystic Necklace - Water
Mystic Necklace - Earth
Mystic Necklace - Fire
Urban Bangle Set - Sea Mix
Urban Bangle Set - Sage Mix
Urban Bangle Set - Natural Mix
Sunset Twist Hoop Earrings - Silver
Sunset Twist Hoop Earrings - Gold
Sunset Teardrop Earrings - Silver
Sunset Teardrop Earrings - Brass
Sunset Mini Hoop Earrings - Silver
Sunset Mini Hoop Earrings - Gold
Paradiso Hoop Earrings - Gold
Paradiso Hoop Earrings - Caramel
Paradiso Hoop Earrings - Flamingo
Lustre Stone Earrings - Gold
Eden Stone Earrings - Sea
Eden Stone Earrings - Pearl
Eden Stone Earrings - Opal
La Luna Stone Earrings - Labra
La Luna Stone Earrings - Pink Clay
La Luna Crystal Earrings - Turquoise
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