Our identity is a multicultural web that does not follow a straight line. We are made of others and of different places. Our deepest inclinations are from memories that were borne before.

Our heritage subtly guides us. It influences our journey through life and gives us a sense of identity. We fill the spaces between the chapters in our lives with decisions that follow intuition, experience, tradition, culture and emotion.

At ELK we allow fragments of our past to influence the future. We use traditional crafts alongside new techniques to create each piece. Our designs are a reflection of what we know,
of how we see the world today and tomorrow and this collection takes us through that passage of time.

The leading prints are influenced by fragments of multi-layered memories and by stories from the past. As you move through the range it finishes with a futuristic influence of star spangled fabrics and satellite images.

Always at the heart of our design is you.
We create our collections to be worn, to be a part of your life and to be a part of your tomorrow.

Together we are a varying, global village of people living out extraordinary and unforgettable life experiences. Wherever it is you came from, wherever you are now and wherever you will be tomorrow, we are moving together into the future as KIN.