The KOMPANERO brand was born with the idea of creating timeless accessories that leave no shred of doubt in the mind of the observer that these bags are high quality leather. Since the time this idea was conceived, our design research team has worked extensively to create these unique inimitable looks and finishes. The result is a KOMPANERO look that cannot be replicated using cheap synthetic materials. In fact, none of our products come with a “Genuine Leather” stamp because they simply do not need it. Anybody seeing or touching a KOMPANERO will rest assured that such beautiful and exquisite bags can only be created out of leather.
Each KOMPANERO bag is handcrafted and piece-dyed. They are then individually distressed. Each of them is unique. One of a kind. Even the term ‘limited edition’ would seem a misfit. These bags are individualistic in style. A statement by themselves and a statement for its owner.


Chanel Wallet - Burnt Orange
Laval Belt - Dark Brown
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Medium Low Inventory
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Nadia Bag - Cognac
Nora Wallet - Mustard
Ocie Bag / Clutch - Moss
Ocie Bag / Clutch - Mustard
Octavia Bag - Black
Odessa Belt - Tobacco
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Large Out of stock
Ollen Bag - Black Sold out
Oni Wallet - Black
Oni Wallet - Moss
Oni Wallet - Mustard
Oni Wallet - Tobacco
Otila Bag / Clutch - Cognac
Otila Bag / Clutch - Dark Brown
Sammi Coin Purse - Blue
Sammi Coin Purse - Moss
Sammi Coin Purse - Mustard
Sammi Coin Purse - Tobacco
Skyla Bag - Black Sold out
Skyla Bag - Blue
Vancouver Belt - Black
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