Status Anxiety

The early days (2004 to be precise) saw two mates Will Sked and Scott Hawkes pounding at the pavements of Sydney to hit up unsuspecting fashion boutique owners with Status Anxiety. Surprisingly, despite having just 1 style and in 5 colours on offer, they were in business. Not big business as you could well imagine, but business. Despite the changes in the past 10 years, the process and goal of every piece remains the same. . .


Alfred Wallet - Black
All We Have Belt - Tan
Small / Medium Low Inventory
Medium / Large In stock
Art Of Pretending Bag - Black Bubble
Ascetic Sunglasses - Black
Ascetic Sunglasses - Blonde
Ascetic Sunglasses - Brown Tortoiseshell
Audrey Wallet - Black Pebble
Audrey Wallet - Dusty Pink Pebble
Audrey Wallet - Khaki Pebble
Audrey Wallet - Light Grey
Audrey Wallet - Navy Pebble
Audrey Wallet - Tan Pebble
Avoiding Things Wallet - Black Sold out
Avoiding Things Wallet - Khaki
Avoiding Things Wallet - Navy
Come Get Her Coin Purse - Black
Come Get Her Coin Purse - Black Bubble
Come Get Her Coin Purse - Khaki
Come Get Her Coin Purse - Tan
Cult Bag - Black Bubble
Detached Sunglasses - White Tort Sold out
Fire On The Vine Bag - Black
Force Of Being Bag - Black Bubble
Force Of Being Bag - Green
Ignorance Is Bliss Hat - Black
Small / Medium (55cm) Low Inventory
Medium / Large (57cm) Out of stock
Ignorance Is Bliss Hat - Forest
Small / Medium (55cm) Low Inventory
Medium / Large (57cm) Out of stock
In The Beginning Wallet - Black Sold out
In The Beginning Wallet - Dusty Pink
In The Beginning Wallet - Light Grey
In The Beginning Wallet - Navy Blue
In The Beginning Wallet - Tan
Insurgency Wallet - Black
Insurgency Wallet - Dusty Pink
Insurgency Wallet - Khaki Sold out
Insurgency Wallet - Light Grey
Insurgency Wallet - Navy
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