Introducing PHASES AW24. 

Saben unveils the mesmerising AW24 collection PHASES, a harmonious exploration of the ethereal dance between the earthly and the celestial realms. In this symphony of style, we traverse the transitions from earth to sky, dawn to dusk, and the ever-changing seasons from the warmth of summer to the crisp embrace of winter.

Terrestrial forms mirror the collection; soft pleats and structured silhouettes alike echo the rocky outcrop & delicate rippled strata of the cliff-face. The palette evolves across the sky from midnight blue to lilac haze as the morning light strikes through. Back down on earth, cactus, nutshell and biscotti anchor the collection with their muted hues.

Overflowing with fresh designs, PHASES introduces 14 new styles alongside the timeless, iconic silhouettes you already know & love. This season we welcome Alexis, Ayla, Fox, Atlas, Bianca, Beau, Scottie, Callie, Paris and Willa to the Saben range.

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Coco Mini Bag - Hydrangea

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