Olga de Polga

For over 25 years, Olga de Polga has been the embodiment of vibrant style and timeless elegance. Our brand is founded on quality fibres, unique designs, and a commitment to comfort and confidence. Inspired by global travels, we infuse joy into every thread, weaving stories through patterns that celebrate individuality.

Each piece is a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. Our high-quality, sustainable fibres and dyes ensure durability without compromise. Just as uncovering hidden treasure, Olga de Polga unveils the gateway to elevated confidence and style, exclusively for you.

From our roots at Portobello Market to prestigious stores like Topshop and Galleries Lafayette, Olga de Polga's designs have gained worldwide acclaim. Our pieces reflect the journey of cultures and emotions, bound together by a thread of comfort and sophistication.

Olga's journey, now shared with partner Andrew Cass, combines family values with contemporary design. This partnership enhances Olga de Polga's reputation for sophistication and comfort.