Leira Sweater - Navy Green Metallic

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Sweater in circle design.

The Leira Sweater is a mock turtleneck sweater with a metallic circle knit design. The sweater is a slightly cropped length, with a dropped shoulder and a long sleeve. The base, neck, hem and cuff of the sweater are a navy, while the body and sleeve features contrasting green metallic circles.

Mock turtleneck sweater
Slightly cropped length
Dropped shoulder
Navy base with green metallic circles
Navy neck, hem and cuff

84% Organic Cotton 7% Elastane 6% Poly 3% Metallic

With an organic cotton base, this yarn incorporates a touch of sparkle through the interweaving of metallic fibre. The finished knit is a mid-weight, glittery fabric, with elastane to add stretch and comfort.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or hazardous pesticides, which protects biodiversity and waterways and builds and maintains soil fertility.

The organic cotton for this fabric was sourced from India.

  • Regular fit throughout
  • Key measurements to check are the bust, hem and length

 All garments are measured flat (not on body) and then doubled (except the length) to calculate the total circumference. To work out what size will suit you best, flat measure an item that fits you well and use this as a guide. Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Approximate bust measurements:
XS/S: 50.5cm
S/M: 53cm
M/L: 55.5cm
L/XL: 58cm
XL/XXL: 60.5cm

Approximate shoulder to shoulder point measurement:
XS/S: 47.5cm
S/M: 50cm
M/L: 52.5cm
L/XL: 55cm
XL/XXL: 57.5cm

Approximate length measurement:
XS/S: 57cm
S/M: 58cm
M/L: 59cm
L/XL: 60cm
XL/XXL: 61cm

Approximate hem width measurement:
XS/S: 49.5cm
S/M: 52cm
M/L: 54.5cm
L/XL: 57cm
XL/XXL: 59.5cm

Approximate sleeve length measurement:
XS/S: 50.6cm
S/M: 51cm
M/L: 51.4cm
L/XL: 51.8cm
XL/XXL: 52.2cm

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